Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Chibok234: I Know Where The Girls Are - Senator Ahmed Zanna

Senator Ahmed Zanna

Nigerian lawmaker representing Borno North in the Upper Chamber, Senator Ahmed Zanna, has confirmed he knows the location of the abducted girls. 

Pained that the government allegedly refuse to listen to him, he further stated to CNN that he won’t divulge the whereabouts of the girls and the dreaded Islamist group. 

The senator made this declaration Monday night on CNN when he was being interviewed via a telephone call by Isha Sesay. 

When the lawmaker was asked about what he felt about the latest video released on Monday by the Boko Haram terror group showing some of the abducted school girls, the senator said he experienced mixed feelings when he saw the video and he was happy to know they are still alive. 

When asked where he thinks the insurgents might be keeping the girls, the senator replied, “I won’t tell where they are being kept again because I have told the Federal Government where they are likely being kept before the video was released. Now that I saw the video, the vegetation in the clip confirmed what I have told them earlier,” 

“If they want to know where they are being kept, then the government should remember what I told them before. What I can tell you is that the girls are no longer here in Chibok.” 

The lawmaker also stated that it would be difficult for Nigeria to get back all the girls abducted by the insurgents, saying the girls have not only been split by their abductors but ferried through Lake Chad to neighbouring countries among which he said were Chad, Niger and Cameroon. 

The senator who blamed the military for failure to rescue the girls before the development given that they got all immediate information about the movement of the insurgents from him, also suggested that he receives updates on the movement of the girls. 

He said, “I have been constantly in touch with the security agencies, telling them the developments, the movement of the girls from one place to the other and then the splitting of the girls and eventually the marriage of these girls by the insurgents. What bothers me most is that whenever I informed them where these girls were, after two to three days, they will be moved from that place to another and still, I will go back and inform them that see, this is what is happening. 

“I lost hope two days ago when I found out that some of them were moved to Chad and Cameroon. Actually, some of them move through the Mandara Mountain that is in Gwoza and some of them are just a stone throw from their barracks, even now as I am talking to you, some of them are in Kolofata, which is in Cameroon but about 15 kilometres or even less to the borders.” 


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