Wednesday, 31 July 2013


As seen on the INEC Nigeria facebook page, APC has come to stay. The press statement released some minutes ago by the Secretary to the commission Abdullahi A. Kaugama reads..,

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has approved the application by three political parties – the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) and the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) – to merge into one, to be known as the All Progressives Congress.

On considering the application, the Commission found that the applicant-parties have met all statutory requirements for the merger, and has accordingly granted their request.

Consequently, the Commission has approved the withdrawal of the individual certificates of the applicant-parties, and the issuance of a single certificate to the All Progressives Congress.

Abdullahi A. Kaugama
Secretary to the Commission

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Nigerian Striker Michael Eneramo to earn €1.2m per yr with Besiktas

Nigerian striker Michael Eneramo will earn €1.2 million (which is over N
255million) per year after signing a two year deal withTurkish side, Besiktas. He will also earn €10,000 per-match bonus.

The Turkish football club yesterday released a statement which read;

“Michael Eneramo has agreed terms with Beşiktaş. Eneramo will earn €1.2 million per-season in addition to a €10,000 per-match bonus. In addition to this, Eneramo will earn the same salary in 2014-15 and 2015-16 if selected for the squad over 30 times over the course of each season.”
The 27-year-old striker played for Turkish side Sivasspor for a year and a half before joining Besiktas

Kehinde Said He Would Buy Me A Car, New House. Why Now? I Don't Need That - Funke Akindele

In a revealing chat with E-247 magazine, Funke Akindele sort of replied her husband's interview with Encomium magazine that he was building a house for her before she walked out.

Though Kehinde was the first to go public with the news of their separation via popular social network site, Facebook, Funke Akindele gave her ears to her in-laws who felt she could still change her mind and that separation actually is not the solution to the problem.

Funke told E24-7MAGAZINE on Friday:
That place is not for me, I have been through hell and back. 
I was abused emotionally and verbally. Really, I felt we could work things out when the trouble started two months after the marriage. 
         But I made up my mind and shut the door of the marriage at him when the trouble was coming  to me too much.   

Monday, 29 July 2013

A must watch video: Hon Patrick Obahiagbon speaks on River State crisis

The look on the Channels journalists' faces are just priceless infact none of them could interrupt Hon Patrick as they did our Oga at the top.

oya now, interrupt and let him blow your head with #grammar you wont be able to interpret till you resign

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nando Disqualified From Big Brother Africa

Tanzania's Nando has been disqualified from the Big Brother House.

After tonight's Evictions that saw Annabel and Sulu being given the boot, Big Brother then gathered all of the Housemates in the living room.

Today Big Brother reproached Nando for the fight that he had with Elikem on Friday. The heated face-off with Elikem saw the two fellas exchanging fiery words between them. Nando is the one that instigated the fight. Instigation and provocation is a violation of the Big Brother rules.

For this fight Nando received his second Strike and Elikem was has served with his first Strike. Afterwards the Tanzanian was called into the Diary Room. He was given his third Strike for making threats against Elikem's life, saying: "I feel like stabbing him. A nigga like that deserves to die".

And he was also caught sleeping with scissors under his bed and this is not the first time that he has been caught with a weapon in the House. The troubled young fellow has had a dramatic nine weeks in The Chase. Last month he was served with a a Strike and a stern warning from Big Brother after he was found carrying a knife to the Channel O Party. The possession of weapons or intention to be violent in the House another violation of the Big Brother rules.

After the Diary session Nando was told to immediately exit the House. Big Brother then gave a warning to the Housemates to conduct themselves as adults.

Jermaine Jackson Speaks on P-Square's Tribute to Michael Jackson

Jermaine Jackson (Michael Jackson's Brother) Appreciates P-Square on the tribute song 'Personally'.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Chief E.K. Clark Apologizes to Nigerians, calls for Unity

See Chief E.K. Clark apologizing to all Nigerians at the maiden edition of the Chief (Dr.) Edwin Kiagbodo Clark's National Wrestling Championship held in Warri, Delta State

This is a video everybody needs to see, so watch and share if you believe this man is right.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Research Shows Tall Women Face Higher Cancer Risk

Taller women may face a higher risk of many cancers than their shorter counterparts, according to a US study released Thursday.
Researchers looked at a sample of nearly 145,000 postmenopausal women aged 50 to 79 for the analysis published in the US journal Cancer Epidemiology.
They found that each additional 10 centimeters (four inches) of height was linked to a 13 percent higher risk of getting cancer.
“Ultimately, cancer is a result of processes having to do with growth, so it makes sense that hormones or other growth factors that influence height may also influence cancer risk,” said lead author Geoffrey Kabat, senior epidemiologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in New York.
After 12 years of following women who entered the study without cancer, researchers found links between greater height and higher likelihood of developing cancers of the breast, colon, endometrium, kidney, ovary, rectum, thyroid, as well as multiple myeloma and melanoma.
The height association remained even after scientists adjusted for factors that might influence these cancers, such as age, weight, education, smoking habits, alcohol consumption and hormone therapy.
“We were surprised at the number of cancer sites that were positively associated with height. In this data set, more cancers are associated with height than were associated with body mass index (BMI),” added Kabat.
Some cancers saw an even higher risk among taller women, such as a 23 to 29 percent increase in the risk of developing cancers of the kidney, rectum, thyroid, and blood for each additional 10 centimeters of height.
None of the 19 cancers studied showed a lower risk with greater height.
The study did not establish a certain height level at which cancer risk begins to rise, and Kabat said it is important to remember that the increased risk researchers found was small.
“It needs to be kept in mind that factors such as age, smoking, body mass index, and certain other risk factors have considerably larger effects,” he said.
“The association of height with a number of cancer sites suggests that exposures in early life, including nutrition, play a role in influencing a person’s risk of cancer.” AFP

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Dame Patience Must Leart To Control Her Mouth By Reuben Abati


Dame Patience Jonathan, as she is now referred to, our President’s wife, failed the test this week in Okrika, Rivers State. It is trite knowledge that there is a critical difference between Yenagoa and Abuja, and a world of difference between being the wife of a Deputy Governor/Governor/Vice president and being the wife of Nigeria’s No 1 citizen. When people suddenly find themselves in such latter position, prepared or unprepared, anywhere in the world, they are taken through a crash programme in finishing and poise and made to realize that being the wife of an important man comes with serious responsibilities lest they sabotage the same person that they should be supporting.

Get the full article after the cut..

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

TRAGIC: First Lady Dame Patience's Mother dies In Car Crash

Reports circulating on the internet this morning have it that the mother of Nigeria's first lady, Patience Jonathan, Mrs Iwari-Oba has died in a fatal auto accident along Elele Road in Rivers State. 
The first lady's mother was on her way to Bayelsa State when the accident occurred yesterday Monday July 22nd around 4pm. Sad! May her soul rest in peace...amen.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Omotola Speak Against the Bill Endorsing Child Marriage

Read the full transcript of Omotola's speech at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant below, one thing I love about the speech, she clearly stated her stand on the passage of the Bill endorsing Child marriage in Nigeria....
Let me first and foremost thank The Lord almighty, my savior and help for this award. Thanks also to Silverbird group the organizers of MBGN. Thanks to my Wonderful Husband, Capt Matthew Ekeinde,my support and Best friend who is also here tonight. I am Today one of the Most influential person/people in the world because I wasn't given off to marriage before the age of 18yrs.
It scares and totally shocks me that the Senate in Nigeria (the most populous black nation in the world and Giant of Africa) would not be passing in a law ensuring that every child should compulsorily be enrolled in school.
A very alarming number of children today are on the streets Hawking or have been abused,Raped or are married to men/women who should be protecting them. 
Who protects the children of Nigeria?
Would we wait for another Milala before we act?
Should we now remove the parental caution on movies that say " Not for persons below 18".
This is a call for justice and Equity for children especially the Nigerian Girl child,who has the right to quality education, a childhood and the decision of whom and when to marry.

My Name is Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and I say No to paedophilia and No to the senate Bill endorsing Child marriage in Nigeria.

11yr old girl flees family over arranged marriage

The 11 year old Yemen girl, Nada Al-Ahdal (pictured above) who ran away from home after her parents promised her hand in marriage, has spoken out online saying 'she's not an item for sale.'

Nada said she was forced to run away and live with her uncle after she was promised to another man.
"They told me that I am engaged, and that my fiancé had already paid them money and brought the engagement ring. They said that I couldn't leave and even threatened to kill me if I went back to my uncle. I'm not an item for sale, I'm a human being and I would rather die than get married at this age. I've decided that I have two choices: to leave or to die. So I chose the first" Nada said in a video that was released online July 8th
Nada's saving grace is her uncle who has refused to let her family marry her off. Continue...

Her uncle told reporters:
When I heard about the groom, I panicked. Nada was not even 11 years old; she was exactly 10 years and 3 months. I could not allow her to be married off and have her future destroyed, especially since her aunt was forced to marry at 13 and burnt herself. I did all I could to prevent that marriage. I called the groom and told him Nada was no good for him. I told him she did not wear the veil and he asked if things were going to remain like that. I said ‘yes, and I agree because she chose it. I also told him that she liked singing and asked if he would remain engaged to her.'
Nada now stays with her uncle, her father's brother, who is against child marriage.

According to a report in 2010 by the Social Affairs Ministry, more than 25% of females in Yemen marry before age 15, and it's mostly because of the poverty level in the country. Parents give their daughters away for profit.

Kate and William Welcomes Future King Of England

Kate Middleton gave birth to the future king of England at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington around 4.24pm this afternoon with her husband, Prince William by her side.

Kate and her new born baby are doing well and will remain in hospital overnight. Congrats to them!

The royal baby is finally here. Kate and William welcome son

Friday, 19 July 2013

Ghana official calls for higher marriage age

The legal age for marriage in Ghana should be raised from 18 to 23, chief government statistician Philomena Nyarko has said.

This would make women better prepared, physically and mentally to have children, she said.

It could also slow population growth in Ghana by 15% to 20%, Ms Nyarko added.

Her proposal comes as MPs in Nigeria are debating whether to scrap the 18-year age restriction for marriage so that people can wed earlier.

Some Muslim MPs argue that the restriction violates Islamic law, which allows marriage at the age of puberty.

Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, is roughly divided between Muslims and Christians.

Ms Nyarko said that women who delayed marriage and pregnancy until the age of 23 would have healthier lives, she said.

"It is well known that health outcome for both mother and child improve, if pregnancy is delayed until when the young woman has matured for marriage and childbearing, to help save the lives of both mother and child," Ms Nyarko 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

ASUP Suspends Strike After 81 Days

Protest: Polytechnic students protesting against ongoing nationwide strike, on Ikorodu Road, Lagos, yesterday.

After 81 days of inactivity, polytechnic students across the country are expected to return to their classrooms as the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) suspends its strike today.

The ASUP Chairman, Dr. Chibuzor Asumogba, told Vanguard in a phone interview that the decision was made by the National Executive Committee of the Union as a result of the intervention of the Joint committee of the Senate and House of Representative on Education.

He said the union gave the government representatives one month to accede to their demands and release the white paper on the visitation panel to federal polytechnics.

The ASUP Chairman however, called on all lecturers to go back to work. “All lecturers are to resume work at their various institutions today”, He said.

Actress Funke Akindele's 1 year marriage to Kehinde Oloyede ends

Unfortunately this is not rumour, it's fact. A little over a year after tying the knot with Kehinde Oloyede, Funke Akindele's marriage has ended. Kehinde Oloyede shared the news of their split on his Facebook page (which he has since deleted). He wrote:

"It’s with heavy heart that am announcing the separation of me nd ma wife Mrs olufunke akindele,we’ve both agreed to go our separate ways coz of irreconcilable differences.we still best of friends nd we 4ever remain gud friends.
Later he added...
"Am doing just fine, gettn along without u,don't need u anymore in ma life.u d greatest mistake av made in recent time.
I reached out to Funke's publicist after reading the Facebook message, and they confirmed that the two have indeed gone their separate ways (for now). They've actually been having issues for a while and Funke had actually been planning to divorce him quietly, but Mr Oloyede decided to make it public

Funke also recently changed her BB name from Mrs Funke Akindele Oloyede to Everybody loves Jenifa. Funke and Kehinde got married on Saturday May 26th 2012.


Friday, 12 July 2013

Femi Kuti Gives Guys 10 Conditions To Date His Daughters

8) She is my Princess, Not your Conquest
9) I don't Mind Going Back to Jail
10) Whatever You do to Her, I will do to you

Proposed Abeokuta City Centre Will Bring Socio-Economic Boost– Consultant

The proposed Abeokuta City Centre will significantly enhance the socio-economic growth of Ogun State, the Lead Urban Designer/ Project Director for Urbanisma, the Malaysian Consulting firm handling the design of the Master Plan for the centre, Muhammed Hafiz has said.

He also described the project, an initiative of the Ibikunle Amosun led administration as “a socio-economic generator that will draw world attention and attract international crowd to Ogun State”.
He was speaking at an interactive session where he gave a run-down of the design and actualisation of Putrajaya, the adorable new administrative Capital City of Malaysia, to a visiting Technical Team from the state to Malaysia.

Hafiz believed that the Abeokuta City Centre will be a major landmark that will not only be a source of inspiration and pride to the people of Ogun State but also create ample opportunities for local and foreign investors.
According to him, a project of such magnitude will greatly spur the economy of the state in rural and urban areas as it will meet the interests of investors in diverse sectors of the economy.
The Convention Centre, which is a major part of the project, Hafiz added, would attract world-wide patronage because of the international programmes that would be organised there.
“We have looked at the whole programme as a socio-economic generator that will have a place for various sectors of businesses, and we are guided by the five cardinal programmes of the government of Ogun State which will give room for all the sectors to be fully integrated’’, he said.
Hafiz stated further that the Retail Centre for instance, would create space for small retail outlets as well as cater for big shopping malls.
He revealed that the first phase of the project will include, Shopping Mall, Recreation Centre, Signature Tower, offices, hotels and the Convention Centre, which he noted would kick start development.
Speaking on the New Government City project, which is also being handled by his firm, Hafiz said it will give priority to housing and industrial development, adding that it will feature complete infrastructure which will make Ogun State an investor’s destination of choice for businesses in the upstream or downstream industry and also accommodate migrants from neighbouring Lagos State.

Nigerian student jailed for fake marriage in UK

A Nigerian student in the UK, Jayeola Abiola, has been jailed for arranging fake marriage between him and a Portuguese, Vania Pinheiro-Fernandes.
Abiola and his fake wife were jailed 12 and eight months each.
The duo met in a dance rehearsal and Abiola could barely pronounce her name, but he gave her $245 (N39,561) to get the things she needed for the wedding, while another Nigerian, Ayodeji Abbis, was paid £1,000 (N244,787) to act as the best man.
The wedding plans, however, went bad when the registrar at Hull Registry alerted the UK Border Agency that the couple about to get married barely know themselves when they were interviewed.
The border agency then secretly filmed the wedding videos of the cars, groom, bride and best man as they were leaving the hall before arresting them.
Gurdial Singh of the Hull Crown Court: said: “It is often said that sham marriages are too prevalent and strike at the heart of the country’s immigration system.”
Abiola, a 29 year old law student at Hull University and Pinheiro-Fernandes, also 29, appeared for sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy to breach immigration law by arranging a marriage so Abiola could remain in the UK.
Crown barrister David Bradshaw said Abiola’s visa was due to expire in January 2013, few weeks after the marriage, scheduled for last November and knowing this he made a payment to one Abiola Kumoye to arrange a sham marriage.
“The marriage was fake because he was not in love with her. He didn’t want to set up a loving family unit. He did it because he wanted to stay in the UK,” the prosecution said.
The bride and organiser stood to gain because they were being paid for their services, he noted.
The total cost of the wedding was £5,000 (N1,223,935) and about £2,500 (N611,968) had been paid in advance while the rest was to be paid on completion.
Bradshaw said that the registrar became suspicious of the marriage when the bride gave a fake name and didn’t look like her picture in the passport and they were not convincing in answering questions.
Abiola Kumoye, 34, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to breach immigration law and acquiring criminal property (£2,650: the first part of the fee for the sham marriage).
The judge adjourned the sentence on the best man Ayodeji Abbis, 25, who was also found guilty of conspiracy.
Andy Norris of the UK Border Agency said that sham marriages have grown considerably in the country and that they are working to tackle this head on.
“We will find and arrest anyone carrying out these crimes no matter where they are in the country,” he said.


Al-Mustapha discharged and acquitted by Lagos Court of Appeal

The former Chief Security Officer to late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, was today discharged and acquitted by the Court of Appeal in Lagos for the murder of Kudirat Abiola.

The judgment overturns that of the Lagos High Court which convicted and sentenced the retired Major in January 2012 and sentenced him to death by hanging. The Court of Appeal, in their ruling, said there was not enough evidence to incriminate Al-Mustapha in the murder of Late Mrs Abiola.

Chief  MKO Abiola's wife was shot dead on June 4, 1996, on what was alleged to be the orders of Al-Mustapha.

National Disgrace: How I was attacked – Chinda

One of those wounded in the crisis 

Ok! I want to belief by now, virtually all of you have seen the video of that mayhem that occurred in the Rivers State House of Assembly earlier in the week, click here if you have not, Hon Michael Chinda is one of the five legislators opposed to Governor Amaechi who suffered several bruises during the fracas has spoken of his experience.
He said:
”Rivers state House of Assembly elected a new Speaker Hon. Evans Bipi and the old Hon. Daniel Amachree was impeached and everything concerning the enthronement of the new speaker was concluded. As we were  about to leave the  place, the governor broke into our chambers.
Governor Rotimi Amaechi led the group. They came into the chamber and started beating everybody.
“For my case, I have to be very specific. I was about leaving; I never knew that Chidi Lloyd,  very close to me in the House. I was misled by closeness with him. I never had any idea that he could be so brutal to use such a weapon on me.
“My colleagues rushed me to this Saint Patrick Hospital in the pool of blood and I have been here since yesterday.
“If you look at my records from the very day we were inaugurated by the governor of Rivers State, I have never insulted the governor. I hold the office of the Governor of Rivers State in very high esteem and I won’t have gone closer to the governor. I didn’t even go close to the governor because we respect the governor.
Until Chidi Lloyd and the policemen came and did what they did. Only God will judge. Why will I do that. Why will I insult the governor? I can never do that. If anybody said I did such a thing the person is not being fair to me. We formed a quorum, the normal number required to impeach a Speaker.”


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I Made "Successful" Mistakes As President - Obasanjo


Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, yesterday, reviewed  criticisms that greeted his leadership style when he was president, saying all mistakes his critics claimed he made were “successful mistakes.”
Many Nigerians, especially people from the South West, had severally scored his eight-year rule low, particularly for turning his back on the zone.
Chief Obasanjo, who was in Ibadan  at the lecture marking the 50th anniversary of Aare Afe Babalola’s qualification as a legal practitioner listed his achievements, travails in prison and handing over power to a civilian government,  and concluded that if his critics saw those achievements as mistakes, so be it.
He said: “There was one mistake I made that turned out to be a successful mistake.”
“When I was looking for somebody to give leadership in University of Lagos, I chose Aare Afe Babalola and some said I made a mistake, it  is now a successful mistake.”
The ex-president further stated there are many Nigerians, but there are not many good Nigerians.
Part of achievements he claimed he recorded includes ending the civil war which threatened the corporate existence of this country and drawing  up a successful programme for smooth transition.
He added that having spent over three years in prison, he was persuaded to become the President of this country.
While delivering his lecture entitled,’The future of Law in Nigeria’, the former chairman of Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission, Justice Emmanuel Ayoola (rtd), said: “We delude ourselves in this country if we believe that we can be a great nation without a great legal system.
“The path to the greatness of our nation is through a reliable, efficient, trustworthy and value-driven legal system.”
Governor Abiola Ajimobi, at the occasion, called on Chief Afe Babalola to make his philanthropic gesture felt in Oyo State.
Present at the ceremony were President Goodluck Jonathan who was represented by the Solicitor General of the Federation, Abdulahi Gulak; Governors Abiola Ajimobi (Oyo), Dr. Kayode Fayemi (Ekiti), Dr. Olusegn Mimiko (Ondo), representative of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (Osun); former Ekiti State governor, Chief Segun Oni; Justice Emmanuel Olayinka Ayoola (rtd), Chief (Mrs.)Folake Solanke (SAN), Prince Bola Ajibola (SAN), Chief Akin Olujimi (SAN), Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN), Prince Lateef Fagbemi (SAN), Alhaji Lasun Salami (SAN) and a business tycoon, Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim.
Also in attendance at the ceremony traditional rulers including the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi, the Olugbo of Ugboland, Oba Frederick Obateru Akinruntan, among others.
Two books, ‘Current Legal issues in contemporary Nigeria,’ and ‘Source of a Legal Icon’ were launched at the event.

Culled from Vanguard


The political mayhem in the entire River State, South-south Nigeria took another dimension on Tuesday [July 9]. The speaker of the state House of Assembly was impeached in a blood-related saga. The house symbol of Authority," Mace" was broken, computer sets used by members of the Assembly were seen destroyed. Physical combats among pro and anti so-called ex-speaker ensued.

This video clip narrates better how the whole ordeal went. NATIONAL DISGRACE: Rivers State Assembly Mayhem

Not only that, after the disgraceful act captured in the video above, here is another video that captured an attack led by a member of the Rivers State house of assembly in an attempt to impeach the speaker of the house. NATIONAL DISGRACE 2: How Thugs Invaded Rivers State House Of Assembly

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Nigerian Airforce Direct Short Service Course (DSSC)



BSc. / Class II / Forecaster Certificate, NCAA-approved Meteorology courses

BSc. Mathematics or Physics/ NCAA-approved Air Traffic control license

BSc./ HND Statistics

BSc. / HND Computer Hardware Engr, Computer Engr, Computer Science

BA History /BA or HND Archaeology

BSc. / HND Quantity Survey

MSc. Architecture

BSc. / HND Building Tech / Civil Engineering / Structural Engineering

BA French

BSc. Library Science, BSc. (Ed) Library Science.

BSc. (Ed) Foundation / Curriculum Development

Consultant – Ophthalmologist
Consultant - Surgeon
Consultant- Physician
Consultant - O & G
Consultant - Pediatrics
Consultant - Radiologist
Consultant - Orthopedic
Consultant - Family medicine
Consultant - Anesthetists
Consultant – Conservative Dentistry
Consultant – Maxillofacial Surgery

BDS, B ch D

BSc. Pharmacy

BSc. Radiography

BSc. Preventive Health/ Environmental Health/Community Health

Must hold a post basic qualification in any of the specialities listed. Must be registered and have a current practising license.
Pre -Operative Nurses
Nurse Anesthetist
Accident and Emergency Nurses
Orthopedic Nurses
Ophthalmic Nurses
Intensive Care
Renal Dialysis
BSc. Nursing

LLB/BSc. Psychology/BSc Sociology

BSc./HND Catering/Hotel Management

BA/HND Theology/Islamic/Arabic Studies

BA/HND Music

BSc(Ed). / BA / HND Physical Education

BSc / HND Public Admin, Personnel Mgt and Human Resource Mgt and Bus Admin.

Applicant must be a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) holder. Type rating would be an advantage.

BEd. Fine Arts / French / Igbo / Hausa / Guardian and Counselling / BA / BSc (Ed) Foundation / Curriculum Development

B.Sc Business Administration / HND Purchasing and Supply.

BSc. Chemistry or Engineering Safety/ Environmental Engineering

BSc. / HND Electrical / Electronics Engineering.

BSc. or HND Dietetics/Nutrition. Must be registered with Dietetics Council of Nigeria

Must possess BMLS or AIMLS or its Medical equivalents, must be registered with Laboratory Scientist Council of Nigeria

MSc. Clinical Psychology and BSc General and Applied Psychology

BSc. / HND Health Records / Biostatistics. Must be registered with the Health Record Officers Registration Board of Nigeria

BSc / HND Biomedical engineering

BSc Physiotherapy

BSc. / HND Accounting

B Tech. / B Eng. Mechanical Engineering

B Eng./MSc. Aeronautical Engineering

B Eng. Electrical Engineering

BSc. Economics

BSc. Marketing

BA / BSc. / HND Mass Communication / Journalism / Public Relations

BSc. / HND Industrial Chemistry

BSc. / HND Applied Physics / Mathematics

BSc. Chemical Engineering

BSc. Physics / BSc. Mathematics and Statistics


Applicants must possess a minimum of Second Class Lower for holders of First degree and Lower Credit for HND holders. In addition applicants must possess credit in English Language and Mathematics and 3 additional credits in subjects related to degree course of study. Computer literacy will be an added advantage.
Applicants must possess NYSC Discharge Certificate or Letter of Exception from NYSC at the time of applying for DSSC.
Applicants must possess certificates of full registration with their respective statutory professional bodies in Nigeria where applicable.
Male applicants must not be less than 1.68 meters tall while female applicants must not be less than 1.65 meters tall.
Applicants should be between 22 and 30 years of age by 31st December 2012 except Serving Personnel who will be considered for Branch Commission if not more than 35 years of age. (Any age declaration done later than 5 years of this exercise will not be acceptable).Those who will be older than 30 years by 31st December 2012 need not apply.
Applicants will be shortlisted for qualifying aptitude test and the result placed on the website, while advert will also be published in national dailies.
Applicants are to make a choice from the centers below for the Zonal Enlistment Exercise where aptitude tests will be conducted.
Makurdi: Nigerian Air Force Base, Makurdi
Ilorin: 227 Wing, Nigerian Air Force, Ilorin
Lagos: Sam Ethnan Air Force Base, Ikeja – Lagos
Enugu: 305 Flying Training School, Enugu
Port-Harcourt: 97 Special Operations Group, Nigerian Air Force, Port-Harcourt
BENIN: 81 Air Maritime Group, Benin
Kaduna: Nigerian Air Force Base, Kawo – Kaduna
Kano: 303 Flying Training School, Kano
Maiduguri: 204 Wing, Nigerian Air Force Base, Maiduguri
Akure: 323 Artillery Regiment, Owena Barracks, Akure
Sokoto: 26 Battalion, Gingiya Barracks, Sokoto
Yola: 75 Strike Group, Nigerian Air Force, Yola
Applicants are to save the completed forms, Click on the "PAY APPLICATION FEE" Button on the APPLICATION SUMMARY page and then print out the PAY4ME ACKNOWLEDGEMENT slip to effect payment at any branch of INTERCONTINENTAL BANK or STERLING BANK or UBA BANK or UNION BANK.
The date for Zonal Enlistment Exercise will be communicated to applicants in due course. Shortlisted Applicants are to bring the following to the Zonal Enlistment Centers:
Birth Certificate
Originals of Education Certificates and NYSC Discharge Certificate
Letter of Attestation of Good Character
Attestation of Parent / Guardian Consent Form
Attestation of Local Government Area Form
Acknowledgment Card
Writing Materials
Applicants are warned against giving false information as information supplied will be used to evaluate your suitability for shortlisting at any particular stage. Any false information discovered at any stage will lead to disqualification of the applicant.


Further to Paragraph 8 above, applications will only be processed and validated after payment. Thereafter the Applicants will then print out the following:
Acknowledgment Card
Attestation of Local Government Area Form
Attestation of Parent / Guardian Consent Form
Applicant's Local Government Attestation form must be signed by a military officer who hails from the state of the applicant and not below the rank of Wing Commander or equivalent in the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Navy, and Police Officer of the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police and above. Local Government Chairman / Secretary, Magistrates and Principals of government secondary schools from applicants’ state of origin can also sign the attestation forms.
Additionally, applicants are to bring with them letters of attestation of good character from Two (2) prominent persons from their state of origin to the officer in charge of the Zonal Enlistment Exercise.
Photocopies of all documents and credentials will be collected from applicants after screening during Zonal Enlistment Exercise and Interview.

Application Support:

08104577415, 09-8704817, 09-8708475 , 08078406568

Technical Support:

For Technical Support, please call: 08104577415,
09-8704817, 09-8708475 , 08078406568 or

All phone lines are available between 8:30AM and 5:30PM
Note: Application is Free!
To Apply, Goto:

INTERNATIONAL DISGRACE: Nationwide League Football Records 79-0 & 67-0 Win In Seperate Matches

Two matches in Nigeria’s Amateur league game witnessed a combined, mind-boggling total of 146 goals.

The Bauchi center of the 2012/2013 Nigeria Nationwide League play off into Division three which kicked up last Thursday with four teams Bubayero of Gombe, Plateau Feeder team, Akurba united of Nasarawa and Police Machine of Adamawa recorded a serious embarrassment to the league.
The drama started when Plateau Feeder team takes on Akurba United in their last group match at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium having defeated Bubayaro of Gombe 2-0 and played goalless draw with Police Machine of Adamawa while Police Machine had earlier beaten Akurba United 2-0 and need a win against Bubayero of Gombe which was played at Games village pitch.
The decision of the center coordinator to order the playing of the last two matches simultaneously to avoid any match fixing did not work as Police Machine recorded an embrassement win of 67 goals to nothing despite ending the first half with just 6-0 win.
The match between Plateau Feeder team and Akurba United recorded an international disgrace as the match that produced a 7-0 first half win in favour of Plateau ended with a 79 uncontested goals to nothing. Facts emerged from the match shows that the second half of the two matches was played from the center to the net of the losers, forcing the referees to operate from the center arc to the 18yard box of the losing teams.
What makes the match looks very ugly was the clear evidence in the last two matches as no contest from the teams instead players of Bubayero of Gombe and Akurba of Nasarawa aided their opponents to score as many goals as they can, to make the matches worst the defenders of the losing side registered their names in the score sheet against their teams.
Briefing sportswriters immediately after the two controversial matches the Bauchi center coordinator Hon. Tanko Maiyaki who looks disturbed said all the matches played in Bauchi center have been cancelled while the four teams that participated in the competition have been suspended indefinitely pending the final decision of the Nationwide League Board.
Nigerian Pilot correspondent saw the players of Plateau Feeder team and Akurba United rushing to get out of the stadium when they noticed that the coordinator of the center had started consulting the chief security officer of the Bauchi FA for their possible arrest as stipulated by the world soccer governing body on any match fixing noticed.

Nigerian church leaders react to John and Love Kumuyi's suspension

You all knows that the son of the General-Superintendent of Deeper Life, Pastor William Kumuyi, was suspended after his wife wore a wedding dress the church termed 'inappropriate'.

Some Church leaders are now airing their views on the whole matter, they said it's hypocritical. The General Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare said:

“I personally did not see what they have done wrong. A man is entitled to his own authority in his own home.1st Peter Chapter 3. A wife should dress to please the husband and not the members of the church or public. It’s sheer wickedness to the couple, they should leave them to enjoy their honeymoon. They should not squeeze them to the modus operandi of a particular organization. I did not see anything wrong in the wedding. The bride was not naked or dressed inappropriately and  the groom didn’t. Esther the queen was beautifully dressed in the bible to gain the king’s attention. They should not make mountain out of a molehill. I was in the Deeper Life Bible Church for five years and nobody compelled me to dress the way I dressed. My wife was with me in the church though we weren’t married then. She wears earrings and dresses nicely. All this talk about this couple should stop.”
The General Overseer of the Royal Family Life Ministry, Pastor Sam Segun-Progress said:
"Dressing in any way does not affect the faith of any individual. Putting on earrings and making up do not by any way mean sinful acts. It’s not against Christian faith to dress the way the woman dressed. But it was actually against the doctrine of Deeper Life Bible Church, and since the church is not the Kingdom of God, the couple should be allowed to do that which pleases them and their belief.”
“There is no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus. For any church leader to condemn a member contravenes the standard of the scripture, which is the symbol of our Christian faith. The doctrine of any church has nothing to do with the kingdom of God. Every individual should be allowed to do that which pleases his faith.
"I would have appreciated it better if this affected couple were just disciplined within the church and were not suspended. The suspension of the two notable members of the church is capable of sending them out of the church and Christianity totally.
"All I can deduce from what happened in the Deeper Life Bible Church is hypocrisy and this is not too good for our churches and the church leaders. I will urge the leadership of Deeper Life Bible Church to read the book of Exodus and see what God says about hypocrisy. The development in the church was a bad omen for the body of Christ and did not portray the church well before the public, especially the non-Christians.”

LUTH acquires scanner that detects death in 10 seconds

Lagos University Teaching Hospital LUTH said they have acquired a CT scan equipment that has the capacity to run a check on all organs of the body, from head to toe in less than 10 seconds and fish out a patients death points for immediate treatment. The machine, called the 128-slice Aquillon CT scanner is the first of it's kind in West Africa.

Speaking on the machine, the Chief Medical Director, LUTH, Professor Akin Osibogun told Nigerian Tribune: 

"The Aquillon CT scanner is a 128-scanner and the main advantage it has over other CT scanners of earlier generations is its ability to penetrate deeper into the tissues and organs to show clearly the state of those tissues and organs. Of course the CT scanner is an imaging device and because it is able to provide images of tissues and organs inside the body. We are able to see the state in which those tissues and organs are and we are able to make diagnosis that help us to provide appropriate treatment for the patients.
"Earlier generations CT scanners are of course far better in terms of diagnostic capability than the x-ray because they provide clearer definitions than the x-ray but moving to a 128-slice CT scanner, in fact, that it is in terms of where current knowledge is, with regards to ability to get clearer images of tissues and organs that are internal to the body and therefore we are able to make better diagnosis. A further advantage of the 128-CT scanner is its speed with which it works and that means it is able to capture parts of the body that are in motion.

“So the Aquillon CT scanner is a very fast machine, able to pick items in motion and that advantage enables us now to study even the heart as it is beating and as it is pumping out blood, so we are able to study the arteries, the veins as the blood flow through them, so if there is a thin blockage or a blockage is developing, the scanner is able to pick it.”
“So in coronary heart disease for instance, the scanner is a vast advantage over other imaging devices because we are able to pick them up early and we can then advise that patient on dietary changes or whatever changes that are necessary and if you have the capability, you can actually combine it with what we called interventional cardiology.
“You can remove small plague or small particles that are already forming on the way. It is just simply by introducing a catheter, you guide the catheter under the imaging device and go to where you want to go and remove what you want to remove, without opening the chest. The CT scanner can be combined to some extent with the interventional cardiology which we would introduce at a latter point. At this point because we just acquired the equipment, we will be using it largely for diagnostic methods to pick disease conditions and do that in a more precise manner.”
Commenting about possible kidney transplant in Nigeria, LUTH Chief MD said that the procedure was possible at the hospital with just N3 million but the donor must be a relative of the patient.
“Maybe if you help us make that public, that all they need to do, is to bring a relative who is willing to donate kidneys to them and with N3 million, we work them up, carry out the transplant and follow them up” he stated

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Boko Haram: 18 Soldiers Goes On Trial For Assisting Terror Group

The Military is set to try eighteen  soldiers, including a  lieutenant,  on Monday before  a General  Court Martial in Jos,  Plateau State for aiding members of the  fundamentalist Islamic sect, Boko Haram,  and other insurgent groups in their  activities.
The soldiers are members of  the Joint Task Force code named Operation Restore Orderin Borno State and the Special Task Force also known as Operation Safe Heaven in Plateau State.
The  JTF and STF were deployed in  the two states following the menace of  insurgent groups in the country. While the JTF is also  battling with Boko Haram members  in Adamawa,  and Yobe states,  the STF has been grasping with Fulani herdsmen who,  in the past 10 years had taken Plateau State by the jugular.
The soldiers are being tried under charges termed, “communication with the enemies, cowardly behaviour,  murder and manslaughter.”
The  General  Officer Commanding the 3 Division of the Nigerian Army, Maj.-Gen. Ebisowei Awala,  said before  the inauguration of the five-member panel that  the soldiers were duly investigated by the military police.
 Awala described   the  court martial  as  one of the instruments conferred on him by the  Armed Forces Act chapter A 20 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria to address problems in the army.
He explained  that any officer who wanted to succeed in the military should be disciplined and loyal, adding that these were two “essential requirements” an officer should not lack.
The GOC said,   “Discipline is the foundation on which the military career rests; as a matter of fact, discipline and loyalty are two essential requirements no officer or soldier, who wants to succeed in professional soldiering, can afford to lack.
“It is the duty of superiors to observe, correct and instantly deal with negligence or any misconduct on the part of subordinates.
“When there is any breach, it is expected that appropriate disciplinary measures must be taken by commanders to forestall future occurrences.
“This way, the Nigerian Army can continue to play its constitutional role and sustain its accolade as the pride of the Nigerian nation.”
Awala said that the  court martial was  necessary so as to ensure that the high level of professionalism required to confront the lingering security challenges  in the country, especially in the North-East  was sustained.
He enjoined the parties in the court martial to discharge their duties expeditiously and with a high degree of commitment, to enable the accused persons to get justice.
According to him, justice is a three-way traffic that involves the accused, the   army and the state; hence the need for fairness and equity.
“I want to implore this general court martial to ensure that no effort is spared to achieve this three-way traffic of the justice system; in this case, of the accused, the Nigerian Army and the state.
“Where a person is convicted of an offence, sentence ought to be passed. Such sentences must be humanely meted out.
“Punishment is among the means available for the maintenance of discipline in the Nigerian  Army; as such the kind and amount of punishment should be adequate enough to achieve its purpose and serve as a deterrent to others.’’
He  stressed that the GCM was convened  to sustain a high level of professionalism required to confront the mounting security  challenges in the Division’s  area of responsibility.
Judge Advocate, Col.  Dorothy Wilson-Ekwo, told  newsmen  after the convening of the GCM  that the suspects  would be given a fair hearing.
When the charges were read to the soldiers,  they pleaded not guilty. No lawyer appeared for them.
Thereafter the court rose without announcing any adjourning date.
However one of the lawyers present, Mr. A. B. James, told journalists  that he was only there as an observer.
Another court martial is  also trying 14 officers and men under the 3 Armoured Division for various acts of misdemeanour.
A former  Commander of the 33 Artillery Brigade in Bauchi, Brig.-Gen. Muraina Raji, was  tried by a Special Court Martial at the 3 Armoured Division, Jos for his alleged role in the escape of two high-profile Boko Haram suspects.
Though he was  discharged and acquitted of all the three charges, he was convicted on “special findings” by the court and sentenced to a three-month loss of seniority in his rank.

Boko Haram Kills 10 Yoruba Traders In Borno

LESS than two months after four members of Ibadan Foodstuff Sellers Association were killed by gunmen in Borno State, 10 traders were allegedly killed by gunmen suspected to be members of Islamic sect on Friday.
This is just as the president of the association, Alhaji Musliudeen Olalekan Azeez, called on the Federal Government to save their members from incessant attacks.
Azeez, speaking with journalists at the Bodija Market, on Monday, said they learnt that their members, 10 of them, were among the over 60 people killed by people suspected to be members of the Islamic sect.
Eight of those allegedly killed were said to be traders at Bodija Market, while two others were from Orita-merin Market, also in Ibadan.
Azeez informed that the executive member of the association had ensured that some shops were under lock and key in Bodija Market, as they mourned the killing of their members.
Acording to him, majority of the victims were beans seller and they had gone to Borno State to purchase the food items before they were killed at Mugunu area of Borno State.
It will be recalled that four members of Bodija had been allegedly killed on May 5, 2013.
Confirming the report, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the market, Mr Akeem Emiola, said the sad news was relayed to them on Friday through a telephone conversation by one of their customers, adding that “since then, we have been making contact with the families of the deceased.”
He gave the names of those killed as Seye Adegboyega, Jelili Popoola, Ojo Mosobalaje, Fatai Kareem and Femi Oyetunde.
Others, according to him, are Ninalowo Saheed, Saburu Lanlehin, Lekan Oladokun, Sola Adeoye and Nurudeen Lawal.
He said two of the traders, Alhaji Ibrahim Ademola and Taoheed Azeez, narrowly escaped death.

Emiola disclosed that their corpses would be received tomorrow by the executive members at the Oyo end of the Ibadan/Ilorin Road

CKN Nigeria

Doctors Inject Dying Girl With HIV


US doctors in Philadelphia said they have saved a seven-year-old girl who was close to dying from leukemia with a pioneering use of an unlikely ally: a modified form of the HIV virus.

After fighting her disease with chemotherapy for almost two years and suffering two relapses, the young girl “faced grim prospects,” doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia said.

So in February this year they agreed to take her on in an experimental program that fought fire with fire. Helped by a genetically altered HIV virus — stripped of its devastating properties that cause AIDS — doctors turned the girl’s own immune cells into a superior force able to rout the “aggressive” leukemia. The treatment of Emily Whitehead was one of the very first of its kind and cannot yet be considered “a magic bullet,” the hospital said.

But in Emily’s case, it apparently worked completely. First, millions of the girl’s natural immune system cells were removed. Then the modified HIV virus was used to carry in a new gene that would boost the immune cells and help them spot, then attack cancer cells that had previously been able to sneak in “under the radar,” the hospital said on its website.

Finally the rebooted immune cells were sent back in to do their work. “The researchers have created a guided missile that locks in on and kills B cells, thereby attacking B-cell leukemia,” the hospital said. Pediatric oncologist Stephan Grupp, who cared for the girl, explained Tuesday that there was never any danger of AIDS during the process.

“The way we get the new gene into the T cells (immune cells) is by using a virus. This virus was developed from the HIV virus, however all of the parts of the HIV virus that can cause disease are removed,” he said in an email. “It is impossible to catch HIV or any other infection. What’s left is the property of the HIV virus that allows it to put new genes into cells.”

During the treatment, Emily became very ill and went into the intensive care unit, underlining how risky the procedure can be. However, drugs that partly block the immune reaction were administered, without interfering with the anti-leukemia action, and she recovered, the hospital said. The result was “complete” and best of all, the doctors say, the boosted immune shield continues “to remain in the patient’s body to protect against a recurrence of the cancer.”

 “She has no leukemia in her body for any test that we can do — even the most sensitive tests,” Grupp told ABC television. “We need to see that the remission goes on for a couple of years before we think about whether she is cured or not. It is too soon to say.” Grupp said on the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia website that cell therapies might eventually replace the more costly, painful bone marrow transplant treatment, a standard last-ditch defense against cancer.

“I’ve been meeting with families to discuss bone marrow transplant for 20 years,” he said. “In almost every meeting, I say that bone marrow transplant is very hard and that if we had an alternative for children at that point in treatment, I would be delighted to put myself out of business. And for the first time, we’re seeing how that might actually happen.”

Monday, 1 July 2013

10 Brain Damaging Habits You Should STOP NOW!

Please read, share, and save a life! Habits die hard they say, isn't it? Now, according to Staying Healthy Plus, here is a list of 10 common habits you might consider stoping now, no matter how hard it seems.

1. No Breakfast
People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level.
This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration.

2. Overeating
It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power.

3. Smoking
It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.

4. High Sugar consumption
Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development.

5. Air Pollution
The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brain efficiency.

6. Sleep Deprivation
Sleep allows our brain to rest. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells.

7. Head covered while sleeping
Sleeping with the head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and decrease concentration of oxygen that may lead to brain damaging effects.

8. Working your brain during illness
Working hard or studying with sickness may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain.

9. Lacking in stimulating thoughts
Thinking is the best way to train our brain, lacking in brain stimulation thoughts may cause brain shrinkage.

10. Talking Rarely
Intellectual conversations will promote the efficiency of the brain.

What to Do When You Relocate, Jega Advises Nigerian Voters

The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Attahiru Jega has said that all registered voters must vote at the point where they have registered. Mr Jega disclosed this in response to a question tweeted-in by a lady who was watching the live programme on Channels Television from Abuja. However, when a voter relocates, Mr Jega said "the electoral act clearly specifies what to do. You can change or transfer your registration status. All she needs to do in her case is to apply to the Resident Electoral Commissioner in the FCT giving all the necessary information why she has moved, what were the details of her previous registration, what was her polling unit and where is she now located. "Once she does that application and it is verified, her details will be transferred to her new place and then we will issue her a permanent voter card in the new place."

But, my question is this, can that actually work in Nigeria? How many people actually care that enough even to vote?, Pls, let's address first thing first, HUNGER FULL GROUND, PEOPLE DEY DIE EVERYDAY AT THEIR PRIME.

How Uduaghan battled to save Ewherido’s life

The sudden death of Senator Pius Akpo Ewherido, representing Delta Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly, after a brief illness Sunday, may no longer be news.

But the news now is that his kinsmen in Ewhu Kingdom, where the senator hailed from, in their wishful thinking jumped into celebration after a brief mourning, following rumour that Ewherido, like Jesus Christ, has risen from Death.
“This is because nobody here ever wished him dead,” a family source told FrontiersNews on Sunday night.
Before the senator died, he had spent three days at the National Hospital, where Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State, a medical doctor and other stakeholders, including family members, gathered daily trying to save the life of the strong Urhobo politician.
One of the early callers at the National Hospital was Governor Uduaghan, who turned the hospital to his home, as he was with him for the three days the deceased spent in the hospital.
Uduaghan joined in the battled to save the senator’s life but to no avail.
Attempt to fly Ewherido abroad also failed.
FrontiersNews reliably learnt that first, Governor Uduaghan, who incidentally was in Abuja for official engagement; the elder brother of the late senator, Rev. Fr. Ewherido; a businessman from Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State, Igho Sanomi; as well as the office of the President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, made several efforts to bring in an air ambulance from Germany, Dubai or South Africa but the deceased could not be flown out before he died.
A source said: “The ambulance from Germany was said to have arrived and left due to delay in documentation.
“The ambulance left also because of another airlift of a patient in another country, which it has agreed to pick.”
The Dubai ambulance did not come at all because it had been fully booked for all the days Senator Ewherido was in the hospital as a patient.
However, the South Africa ambulance was to come but arrived Abuja exactly 30 minutes after Ewherido had passed on. A FrontiersNews Correspondent saw the two white medical doctors from South Africa who came with the ambulance at the National Hospital insisting that they must see the lifeless body of the patient and a report confirming that he is dead.
As a result, the body of Senator Ewherido could not be deposited in the morgue until moments after the departure of the South Africa team of doctors.
A source close to Governor Uduaghan said: “Oga is devastated by Ewherido’s death, my brother.
“Oga has repeatedly said that since Ewherido left the Peoples Democratic Party for the Democratic Peoples Party, the senator has never attacked or spoken badly about him whether directly or indirectly once.
“They were good friends until Ewherido died.”
Early callers at the hospital beside apart from Governor Uduaghan were Senator James Manager from Delta South Senatorial District; and Comrade Daniel Idonor, a politician who hails from same Ewhu kingdom with late Ewherido.
Idonor, on hearing the report that Ewherido was hospitalised, rushed down to Abuja from Ughelli, where he had gone to meet with political stakeholders from Ewhu axis.
Others also present were Hon. Emmanuel Agwareavwodo; Hon. Emeyense; Dr. Chris Oghenechovwe; the father-in-law of the deceased, Chief Bozimo, who is also former Minister of Police Affairs; as well as Hon. Omonemu, a legislative aide to the late senator, who also witnessed the death.
Meanwhile, the elder brother of the deceased, Rev. Fr. Ewherido, has debunked rumours of the “rising from dead” of his brother.
He said: “As a catholic I don’t believe in wishful thinking because we did everything humanly possible to save and revive him, but God knows best why we failed.”
A condolence register has being opened in the residences of the late senator in Abuja, Warri and his home town, Ewhu, while the final burial rites are being planned by the family.