Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Celebrating Nigeria's Democracy: What People has to say

Today being the Nigeria's "uninterrupted"  Democracy clocks 14years and alot of argument has been in the air as to whether this is worth celebrating considering the situation of the country. I try to figure out what soem of my friends has to say about this and here are some of the Status update some of my friends put up about celebrating democracy today. Read on and enjoy.  + permit me, I won't be quoting any name here...
A friend wrote: Rather than wish Nigerians happy democracy day, I'll congratulate you for being a successful government to yourselves, family and community. Don't ask me why, but in case you wonder why, it's quite simply to understand.You build or rent a house and put a burglary proof, that has made you a police to your family. You dig a borehole to have steady water supply, that has made you a family water board. If you purchase a generating set, solar panel or inverter You have usurped the duty PHCN.. Alot of ppl ve died all in d name of Boko Haram and Terrorism yet u're still alive it shows u're d Chief of Army staff on ur own. Now tell me if that does not qualify one to be a governmentHAPPY SURVIVAL DAY FELLOW CITIZEN
Another friend says: Democracy my foot!
Is it not those who enjoy the largesse with our so-called rulers that are in the frenzie alone?
Soon we'll know who's deceiving who......
Yet another friend: Waking up this morning to know that we are celebrating Democracy in Nigeria.
It sounds ridiculous,jovial,sarcastic and comical.
In a country were every sector of the economy is dead,a country were our leaders steal tax payers money with reckless abandon,a country were hatred,corruption and injustice is the motto of the ruling class,a country were 70% of the states are under military control,a country were the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer,a country were funds meant for old,dying civil retirees are stolen & yet the culprits are moving around the Federal Corruption Territory (FCT) in luxury cars,a country were ours girls have turned to sex workers just to earn a living,a country were 99% of youths are unemployed & all our leaders o is to build roads and come on National Media houses to boast of their transformation of the Nation.This is just to mention a few and say the least.
God Bless the FRN,God Bless Nigerians.
Goodmorning Fellas!.
Not everybody have thesame view about the topic in question so here is what another friend wrote: @DEMOCRACY DAY CELEBRATION: A child they say does not start to walk the same day he is born, He grows daily and crawls then later start walking. Many like me argue the fact that Nigeria's Democracy at 14years is Old enough to have delivered so much greatness to her people, but while we try to keep asking for the Government of the day to sit up and take this nation to her promise land, let me wish all Nigerians Happy Democracy Day Celebration. We might not be there, but we are sure not where we use to be. God Bless you all and God bless Nigeria.
 I'll just limit it to these four entries, I guess it's much enough to summarize what is in the minds of Nigerians, Young & Old, Male and Female. 
God Bless Nigeria 


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