Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Chris Okotie to sue INEC over party de-registration, plans to contest in 2015

FRESH Democratic Party, Rev Chris Okotie's political party was one of the 28 parties De-registered by the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) on Thursday 6th December. The Head Pastor of Household of God said he's planning to sue INEC for their action and also contest in 2015 whether his party is De-registered or not.
"We are very amused by the shenanigans calculations of INEC. I believe that INEC is fronting for the PDP and that its the 2015 fever that has overtaken that political party in such a way that it is beginning to malfunction and demonstrate a pathological dysfunctionality. It is very obvious to us at Fresh party that their intention is to erase completely, the voice of the opposition. So they have parochialised the definition of an opposition party to align with their egostic agenda such that it would become impossible to speak. How can a political party that is in power define the character and the configuration of its own opposition. We are persuaded that we must take this before the judiciary as the last bastion of our democratic experience, will remedy this situation. (meaning he's going to court)
 I have said it before that INEC is a fungus. A fungus is a socialised organisation set up by the government to oversee an area of public interest and development, it would gravitate towards its benefactor.
This de-registration is not something that can happen in a civilized society. This can only happen in a place like Nigeria and I believe in the end we are seeing the last of the oppression in Nigeria.
The democratic experiment of Nigeria is 13 years old. How can you judge the trajectory of a political party? Our party was registered in 2006, we've only had six years. You cannot compare us to the behemoth (PDP) that has politicians, veterans and all kinds of people.
I am going to court but whether the party is de-registered or not, I will contest in 2015. I represent a paradigm shift and I represent the future of this country and as long as Nigeria continues to exist as a republic, Rev Okotie will be there in the political arena.

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