Monday, 17 December 2012

How Gen.Andrew Azazi refused to save d crashed helicopter n Governor Patrick Yakowa

Found this on Facebook, with the heading "How Gen.Andrew Azazi refused to save d crashed helicopter n Governor Patrick Yakowa" don't know how true it is. buh..... seriously #anyway keeping mute for now. 
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Nigerian Navy knows how to play with peoples lives.its in d system. when I wrote Gen Azazi as d NSA in2009 n reported d way Navy neglected,tortured n endangered my life coupled with non compliance of d Navy chief to NASS resolution,Gen.Azazi never replied me.I still ve fedex receipt I used to send it as proof of service,d security risk report against d Nigerian Navy was swept under d carpet.Now Navy has killed Gen.Azazi n other innocent Nigerians.When I was in Eastern Naval command HQ,Navy war ship NNS Damisa n NNS hadeija will go missing on high sea for days without communication when on patrol of territorial waters around bakasi n cameroun cos of lack of maintenance n negligence.When I was on board P230 patroling Ebugu,Agbani barge n FOB Ibaka,I had2provide my own live jacket n we kept running on single engine n no generator till I left P230 cos d second one has been long out of service.this is d second Navy chopper accident.A rating was left to die@NNH Ojo 1999cos generator was without fuel n no light to give him proper medical attention.Another rating AB Anyachioke also died@NNH ojo cos he couldn't afford to pay for his malaria medication n was abandoned2die.NNS Agu crashed into a flyover in Lagos cos of negligence n lack of maintenance.2 whole bunkering vessels MT African Pride n MT Jimoh got missing under Navy care@NNS Becroft jetty Apapa.d report of d first crashed chopper was never seen or heard.Nigerian Navy s ability4search n rescue is questionable.God forbid if there is an emergency,Navy can't even do much.Corruption n abuse of office has made it impossible4Nigerian Navy to own even second hand submarine. Nigerian Navy Flag ship NNS Aradu was procured by shagari regime.its d highest n most efficient ship in d Naval fleet n d only navy ship that has its own chopper.d ill fated chopper must ve been over used without adequate maintenance n parts replacement as stipulated by manufacturers.Gen.Azazi was in a position for years as NSA2correct many wrong things in d Navy n it would ve saved his life n others.

Source: Liberate Nigeria Liberate

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