Sunday, 4 August 2013

FACTS: 11 ways to find out if you are an Arsenal fan or not!

1. You’re always keeping track of the French leagues, why? – 9 out of 10 Arsenal signings will either arrive from Ligue1 or chances are they will be French nationals.
2. You know beforehand that whenever we’re linked with a big name signing, they are never going to happen.
3. You have learned to stop under estimating teams and always wait for the final whistle before updating your facebook status.
4. There’s no doubt in your mind that Tottenham will never finish higher than the Arsenal – fact.
5. You research the youth and reserve team more, as a result of expecting to see them in the first team.
6. You can’t stand Manchester United – in fact, you hate them with all your heart; sure you can respect them (I do), but that doesn’t stop us from hating their guts!
7. You actually respected Barcelona…that is, until they started stealing our players (Henry, Hleb, Fabregas) and knocking us out of the Champions League in successive seasons. Now you support Real Madrid.
8. You use the comeback of how Arsenal will be financially safe when Financial Fair Play is implemented.
9. You always have ready made excuses as to why Arsenal didn’t win a match – it’s the truth, just think about it.
10. No matter what goes against Arsenal – no matter how bad the situation is – you will always support this red and white beauty, pride of North London.
11. You know that the only certainty as an Arsenal fan is uncertainty – You will never know what you’ll get…

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