Sunday, 10 February 2013


Thank you all for all the loads n loads of wishes on Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, BBM, SMS and all. To those that even went as far as displaying my picture on your BB, most especially my dynamic boss, Mr. Wale, thanks for the honour. I'm delighted to have you all. I know I can't thank you enough, but truth-be-told, you people really made my day +meself com dey feel like king #smiles.

Ok, if you actually missed the outreach to the Ogwashi-Uku prison yesterday, if you missed the outing with friends and colleague yesterday and you also missed the cutting of birthday cake in church today, don't miss out in the sharing and eating going on right here on facebook and on BB, take your own and pass the plate to the next person.....#tongueout.

Yes, I know some of you were actually reminded by facebook, well thanks to facebook for that. Now to all 'you who sincerely forgot, no offence, you can still come along in the sharing here...

Love you all,

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