Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Oscar Pistorius may have killed his girlfriend in a fit of rage

He claimed he mistook his girlfriend for a burglar when he shot her, but South African police has dismissed the claim. They believe the blade runner killed his model girlfriend, 29 year old Reeva Steenkamp, in a fit of rage possibly caused by performance-boosting steroids.

First steroids were found in his home. Then Reeva was found in her night wear, which means she didn't just enter his home at the time he shot her at 3am Thursday morning. The police found a bloody cricket bat in the bedroom.
Reeva's skull had been 'crushed' in the attack according to police. They also found a smashed bathroom door. Plus neighbours claimed they heard argument coming from his home earlier in the evening.

The police believe that Oscar first shot Reeva in the bedroom, hit her in the hip. She ran and hid herself in the toilet, he followed her and shot her three more times.

Police investigating the killing are focusing on Reeva's iPad, they suspect she received an early-hours message that may have sparked a row.

A South African news website today published a colour graphic of what they believe happened in Oscar's home (above). He will appear in court tomorrow and faces life in prison if convicted of premeditated murder as alleged by the state prosecutors. Meanwhile Nike has dropped him as their brand ambassador

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