Tuesday, 26 February 2013

London Police arrest 2 over attack on Naomi Oni, granted bail

Naomi Oni
Just a few days after the London police reported that the Nigerian woman, Naomi Oni, might have bathed herself with the acid because her laptop reveal she has been surfing websites about acid prior to the ugly incident that left her partially blinded, the police yesterday announces they have arrested two suspects in connection with the attack.

Uk police revealed that a woman, 21 and a man 28, were arrested over the weekend and they have been released on bail. 
Naomi Oni, 20, was attacked in Dagenham, Essex, on 30th December, 2012.
Speaking on the report that she might have poured the burning liquid on herself, Naomi said;
'I’ve only just come out of hospital after having surgery on my eye. To see this story saying that I’d done it made me so angry and really hurts,' she told the Evening Standard.'There’s no way I would have done this to myself. I want the person who did this to be caught.'

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