Tuesday, 5 March 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Mace Broken as violence erupt Ogun State Assembly

Heard the symbol of authority was broken in a "look like" battle of supremacy between two faction of the lawmakers. Not sure what led to the dispute but heard some 'honourables' were suspended and the suspended lawmakers disagree with the decision and things went wrong.

Not sure what led to the suspension yet..... working to lay hand on the real cause.

I'll bring you the detail shortly...

Meanwhile, you'll remember that something like this also happened in Ogun state in 2010 during Otunba Gbenga Daniel led administration, and the state was without Assembly for months, seeing the Executive arm making and executing the law through out the period.

Ok, let me quickly contact some people. 

See one more picture after the cut


Rasaq said...

na only den dey? na so PDP do dem wey 9 members day suspend 15 members, now anode set of rogue don enta, den don start again.

Anonymous said...

Ogun state is known 4 peace, what d meaning of all this nonsense now. These set of people are not worth occupying such a sensitive position.