Monday, 25 March 2013

Wedding Gift To Tuface and Annie Not Too Much – Akwa Ibom Commissioner

Tuface and Annie
Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state gave SUV, some said two but now the commissioner is saying one, to the music star Tuface and his wife Annie Macaulay as wedding gift during their traditional wedding in Akwa Ibom.
The gesture of the Governor has since been causing heated arguement as some were arcusing the govenor of wasting the task payers' money.
The State commissioner, appearing on Channels TV programme Sunrise Daily, said the gift and money shower on Tuface and wife by the state governor is nothing comparing to what they have done for the state. 

Some of what he said after the cut
"...They brought in a galaxy of the entertainment industry, music stars and so on likewise new ambassadors into the state"
‘If we were to fund the destination marketing of branding ,i do not think N3million and the cost of one SUV is too much, even if we were to place advert on Channels Television to attract people to the new destination Governor Akpabio is building’
He said governor Akpabio’s gesture was to repay a daughter of the state; Annie Macaulay for contributing to the repositioning of the state and has done the state proud too.

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