Sunday, 24 March 2013

Prison break in Adamawa; 127 escape, 1 inmate left

127 prison inmates escaped from Ganye Prison in Adamawa State when gunmen attacked the prison and freed the inmates.
The police yesterday confirmed that 25 persons were killed during the attack on Ganyetown, the headquarters of Ganyelocal government area in Adamawa by gunmen last Friday.
The spokesperson of the Adamawa State Police Command, DSP Mohammed Ibrahim, has also said that among those killed by the gunmen was a policeman.
Ibrahim disclosed that none of the 127 inmates that escaped had been re-arrested.
The attack which was carried out at about 6 pm lastFriday was said to have lasted for more than two hours.
According to investigation, only one prisoner, who was shot and injured in the leg, was left behind in the prison after attack.

“We lost a deputy comptroller in charge of the Ganye prison in the attack, a prison official said.
He said that the prison gate was torn down and the cells were forced open by the gunmen, allowing the prisoners to escape.
The gunmen were said to have killed not less than 25 persons in series of attacks on different locations, including the prison, a police station, a bank and two taverns.
According to reports, the gunmen used bombs, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades in the attack on the prison, the police station, the bank and some drinking joints.
 The Prison Comptroller in the state, Mr Andrew Barka, said the 127 prisoners released by the gunmen escaped during the attack, corroborating the killing of the deputy comptroller.
 “We lost a deputy comptroller, Baba Musa, in the attack and some parts of the prison were also destroyed.’’
There have been series of prison break across the country in recent times.
In January 2013, 20 prisoners reportedly escaped from Sagamu Prison.
Although the prison was suspected to have been facilitated by what the prisons authorities termed as ‘compromise’ on the part of men and officers of the service. There was also the recent jailbreak at Gwoza Prison in Borno, where not less than 170 inmates were reported to have escaped following an attack on the prison by some unknown gunmen.
In August 2012, some heavily armed men invaded the Oko Minimum Prison in Edo State, freeing 12 inmates. The gunmen attacked the prison gate and overpowered the prison Arms Squard with explosives, which led to the escape of 12 prisoners.
The entire neighbourhood of the prison was woken up by heavy shootings and explosions which occurred at the early hours of day forcing many families to abandon their homes.Relatives and family members of inmates besieged the prison when the news spread around the state capital.
The list of prison break is endless. - Leadership

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